How Diamonds Contribute to Societal Aspects

Diamonds are considered to be highly luxurious. Diamonds are also treated as a treasure because of their expensive worth and lasting properties and structure. Wearing a diamond defines social status which is why possessing one is what almost every individual wants - men or women. Whichever jewelry type or ring style, something that has a diamond in it is always valuable and kept because diamonds last forever.

Diamonds are regarded as the world's most luxurious accessory because of their beauty and worth as brilliant as an angel's teardrop or just like a divine sight that shines before the eyes. Hence, the social impact of diamonds creates camaraderie through the symbolism and value it carries. Diamonds are mostly a prized possession, a hard work return, an investment, or a promise of love. Mainly, the higher the quality of the diamond, the more value it holds. Hence, some diamonds are like the most beloved ones that people protect, watch out for, and take care of because of their corresponding worth and resale price. Hence, if it is given as a gift, it is equal to one's presence and life offering.

Diamonds are identified according to their specific characteristics and properties. The higher the property's value, the more it means so much to the wearer as wearing a diamond based on its quality defined one's importance and value. Here are the factors of diamond jewelry that greatly influence the social impact of its wearer:

Diamond's Carat Weight

The larger the diamond, the larger its carat weight value. Hence, every carat has a corresponding price amounting from $1600 for natural diamonds and $350 for lab-grown diamonds. For jewelry pieces or engagement rings with a larger diamond centerpiece, there is always a special meaning and effort that is embedded in that piece of jewelry.

Moreover, it is common that the bigger the jewelry, the more sparkle it brings so the more glamorous and opulent the wearer appears. And the more money spent on a particular piece of jewelry means that there are more thoughts and feelings that are spent on it aside from just merely money which define the wearer's importance - whether it is a gift for one's self, for a partner, a parent, or an offspring.

Diamond's Clarity

The diamond clarity scale makes the piece able to shine brighter and shimmer stunningly. If the diamond is more luminous, the more precious it appears. The way it reflects gives it more mass and volume making it look very expensive and out of reach. A diamond clarity scale is based on its purity. The purer the diamond, the more divine it looks - and the more expensive it is. People who wear the highest level of the diamond clarity scale are acclaimed to be more wealthy as they can afford a much higher cost whether it is a natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond. Hence, if the diamond has the purest mass composition, more it is durable, compact, and firm.

A diamond's highest clarity level on the scale is Flawless and followed by Internally Flawless. Those that have a diamond clarity scale of VVSS or VS are also considered to have the purer mass composition among the rest of the clarity levels in the scale.

To know more about diamonds and their clarity level and how to find one that suits your desire and budget, you may check out the VVS Diamonds Guide at Rare Carat.

Diamond's Quantity

Moreover, the quantity of a diamond in a piece of jewelry also says a lot about social status. With lab-grown diamonds, more people can access and afford them because it is four to five times cheaper than natural diamonds. But the price is not so cheap just like a normal gemstone you can find. With diamond??s standard quality of sparkle, brilliance, and colorless shade, diamonds will always be diamonds no matter their origins - lab grown or natural.

The more the diamonds predict someone's economic and financial status as well as the knowledge of luxurious stuff. But further than this aspect, wearing something that is associated with elegance and luxury, the social impact through this makes someone more fashionable and stylish.

To conclude, diamonds are always involved whichever celebration it may be. Its regal appeal and symbolism will be the timeless representation of connectivity, relationship, and social norms